Summer school 2016

Latest update : 2 August 2016.

National, comparative and
international developments

Montreal (Canada), 4 to 9 July 2016


- To offer an intensive and high-quality training in consumer law and policy with a special emphasis upon international and regional developments.

- To promote exchanges of knowledge, experiences and practices between actors and participants from several legal systems.

- To provide the participants with up-dated documentation materials.

- To enhance the consolidation of a national and international network of expertise in consumer law and policy.


- Students, credited (the programme may be credited as a course for graduate students) or not.

- Academics and researchers specialized or willing to specialize in consumer law and policy.

- Judges, lawyers (approved activity by Barreau du Quebec - 30 h), consultants.

- Officials of national administrations and/or public bodies in charge of consumer policy.

- Officials of regional and international institutions competent for taking initiatives towards consumer protection and related matters at regional or international levels.

- Heads of or lawyers working in consumer organizations and NGO’s concerned with related issues such as sustainable development, quality of life, health protection or fair trade.

- Professionals, industry or trade associations.


29 Professors and practitioners, all first-rank senior experts in consumer law and policy, from Canada, United States, Brazil and member countries of the European Union.


- Rationales and contemporary challenges of consumer law and policy.

- Digital society and consumer protection.

- Consumer credit and overindebtedness.

- Sustainable production and consumption patterns.

- General product safety and market surveillance.

- Access to justice and resolution of consumer disputes.

- Recent developments in national consumer laws.


Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada.

The GREDICC is not responsible for managing accommodation of participants, except for teachers of the Summer School.

We may publish the list of neighboring lodging establishments only as an accommodation.


French, English (with simultaneous translation).


Detailed programme, registration fees and procedures available at, or by contacting Prof. Thierry BOURGOIGNIE at

With the support of


List of Confirmed Guest Speakers
Professor, Law School, University of Houston, Houston, USA et Law School, University of New Mexico, Santa Fe, USA.
Director, Center for (...)

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Possible Accomodation near UQAM

You will find here below some indications of hotels and lodges (bed and breakfast) located close to the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). This list is not exhaustive – these resources, (...)

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Payment procedure

These are the steps you should follow in order to make your payment. You can either pay by credit card, cheque or by bank transfer.
For credit card payment,
Fill the following registration (...)

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Registration form

For credit card payment, fill the registration form. Tax is included in the prices listed in this form.
To pay by bank transfer, please send us an email at
The (...)

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Registration fees

Persons participating to the cycle of conferences without credits
Students (Quebecer, Canadian or foreigner) 400.00$ CAD + taxes = 459,905 $ CDN NGO members and academics (...)

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Click on the following link to see the English version of the program for the Summer School 2016: Programme 2016
Click on the following link to see the Portuguese version of the program for the (...)

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General presentation

- To offer a quality and intensive training in consumer law, focusing on international and regional law developments - To promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and practices (...)

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Montreal’s Highlights

Document sans nom
This section is meant to offer you a general presentation of the city of Montreal and to give you some hints on what you can do during your free time in the city.
Montreal (...)

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Historical background

From 1990 to 1999, a summer school in consumer law was organized by Professor Thierry Bourgoignie and Miss Françoise Maniet, who were then respectively Director and research assistant of the (...)

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