Summer School 2009

Dernier ajout : 27 janvier 2009.

GREDICC is organising during summer 2009 a summer school in consumer law. The objectives of such a programme are to offer a high-quality training in consumer law and policy with a special emphasis upon international and regional developments, to promote exchanges of knowledge, experiences and practices between participants from several legal systems and to enhance comparisons of legal tools, to provide the participants with up-dated documentation materials. It will focus on the most recent developments in International and Comparative Law.

The programme may be credited as a course for graduate and postgraduate students (4 credits). Other recipients are academics, professors and researchers specialized or willing to specialize in consumer law and policy; officials of national administrations and/or public bodies in charge of consumer policy; officials of regional and international institutions competent for taking initiatives towards consumer protection and related matters on regional and global markets; heads of or lawyers working in consumers associations and related NGO’s concerned with issues such as sustainable consumption; quality of life, health protection or fair trade; economic operators and heads of or lawyers working in business associations; judges, lawyers and legal consultants.

Faculty staff will include professors and practitioners, all first-rank experts in consumer law, from Canada, United States, South America, and the European Union.

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