Registration fees

Tuesday 5 January 2016, by Gredicc // Summer school 2016

Persons participating to the cycle of conferences without credits

Students (Quebecer, Canadian or foreigner) 400.00$ CAD + taxes = 459,905 $ CDN
NGO members and academics 600.00$ CDN + taxes = 689,85 $ CDN
Public servants 700.00 $ CDN +taxes = 804,83 $ CDN
Professionals and lawyers (approved activity by Barreau du Quebec - 30 h) 1000.00 $ CDN +taxes = 1149,75 $ CDN

It is possible to attend one or several conferences, at a cost of 125.00$ CDN (+ taxes) each.

Students wishing to be credited for the course in the framework of their studies

The particular formula of this summer school requires that a charge of 200.00 $ CDN will be added to the usual student fees for credited students. Student fees are subject to the whole of current regulations at UQAM and will vary depending on your status.

Quebec students and
French citizens
(graduate students)
200.00$ CDN + usual student fees payable to UQAM
Non-Quebec Canadian 200.00$ CDN + usual student fees payable to UQAM
International students
(except French citizens)
200.00$ CDN + usual student fees payable to UQAM

Fees include:

  • Courses and seminars;
  • Documentation and learning materials;
  • Opening and closure cocktails.

Fees do not include:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Accommodation;
  • Meals;
  • Leisure activities and the day off.